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I am a dedicated aesthetics, permanent makeup and beauty artist based in Edinburgh. My passion lies in enhancing your natural beauty and helping you feel more confident. From flawless brows to luscious lips and radiant skin, I offer a range of personalized treatments to suit your individual needs.

The Journey to Artistry

It all started when I was a kid as one of my favourite hobbies were manual tasks involving artistry and music. I then quickly found my passion in make up and as a young teenager I loved experimenting with new looks on myself and my friends. After high school I struggled to fit myself into standardised job roles and I decided to take a gap year.

Pursuing Dreams in Beauty

During this time, I have been working full time and decided to follow my dreams by undertaking an evening make up and beauty course. That is where I firstly discovered that something like permanent make up exists. After my 19th birthday I decided to move to Scotland to complete my education in here. I have successfully completed my HND and two years after, Bachelor Diploma in Business Management at Edinburgh Napier University. While studying, I have been already working full-time as a fully qualified nail, lash and brow stylist from home. Becoming more and more successful, finally motivated me to become an independent beauty artist and I started thinking about renting spaces in studios.

Triumphs and Challenges

In 2020 I lost my regular income and customers due to covid and I had to decide if it was worth trying over. But few months in other professions were enough for me to realise that Beauty, Permanent Make up and Aesthetics is the only thing I want to do! That is when I have made a decision and in October 2021, I have completed my very first Fundamental Permanent Brow Training with famous Powder Brow Academy’s educator Alicja Janczi. That is also when, the Beauty Room in Tanz Tanning Meadowbank Edinburgh become your home for all the treatments performed with passion, love and creativity.

Expertise and Growth

Shortly after, I discovered my love for permanent make up even more and in March 2022 I completed Powder Ombre Brows Masterclass from advanced pigmentation techniques with Worldwide Certified Pro-Artist Magdalena Kruk in Glasgow. In May 2022, due to customer’s requests and popularity of the treatments, I have completed another Fundamental Permanent Lip and Eyeliner Training with famous Tina Davies educator Agatha K in Nottingham. And in October 2022, I made the biggest decision to join the Aesthetics industry by training with Blown Aesthetics in Fundamental Fillers, Anti-Wrinkle, Advanced Anatomy and Complications Management with First Aid. This year, in March 2023 I have completed a highly demanded Russian Lips and Skin Booster Masterclass from products like Profhilo, Jalupro or Lumi Eyes. In September 2023, I will be completing another Advanced Aesthetics Training which would be tailored to more mature patient’s needs – 8 Point Face Lift, Expert Dermal Filler in Tear Through and Nose Filler and Fat Dissolving Injections.

The Journey Ahead

My plan for the future is to become an Educator and I am currently in the middle of completing my Award in Education and Training Diploma. Therefore, by booking in with me you will step into my world of artistry and let me create a look that is uniquely tailored to you.

Unlocking Your Beauty

Explore my services, book your appointment, and embark on a journey of transformation. Together, we will unlock your true potential and reveal your inner beauty.

Dyploma 2024 finalist BEST FOR AESTHETICS
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Dyploma 2024 finalist BEST FOR AESTHETICS
Henna brows diploma
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