Accredited Beauty Qualifications by ABT

Accredited Beauty Academy by Natalia is an educational institution that provides professional training and certification in various beauty-related fields. Here are the key features of my academy:

We are an accredited beauty academy that has received recognition and approval from the relevant industry body and association known as ABT (Associated BeautyTherapist). This Accreditation ensures that the academy meets specific standards of quality, curriculum, and training. It allows graduates to obtain insurance and practice legally within the beauty industry in the United Kingdom.

By completing your Qualification with me, you gain an experienced professional as your instructor, who is ready to share with you the industry knowledge and practical expertise collected in the last 8 years of practice.

Main aspect of my training is for the student to gain practical experience by working on real clients and mannequins. That is why, your Qualification will be completed in person, so I can make sure that the practical session cover techniques, tools, and safety protocols. My Academy has a well-equipped studio for hands-on practice so you can learn and grow in comfortable and safe environment.

In addition to practical skills, students will learn theory related to anatomy, hygiene, and product knowledge. As a Bonus, every student will be provided with business, marketing and photo taking tips and tricks to help you become a successful solo entrepreneur.

Upon successful completion of chosen courses, students receive the Accredited Qualification Certificates.

Graduates can pursue careers as lash technicians, nail technicians, or massage therapists. Some may work in salons, spas, wellness centres, or start their own businesses.

Accredited beauty trainings leaflet

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Beginner Classic 1:1 Lash Extensions £399

Intermediate Hybrid & Light Russian Volume Lash Extensions £399

Advanced Russian & Mega Volume Lash Extensions £399

COMBO PACKAGE – 2 Accredited Qualifications in One Day!

Beginner Classic & Hybrid Light Russian Volume Extensions Combo £699 – YOU ARE SAVING £100

Lash Lift (LVL) with Tint £350

3D Brow Stain Tint with Shape £350

Brow Henna with Mapping and Shape £350

Brow Lamination with Shape and Tint £350

COMBO PACKAGE – 2 Accredited Qualifications in One Day!

Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Combo £599 – SAVING YOU £100

Lash Lift & Brow Henna Combo £599 – SAVING YOU £100

Lash Lift & 3D Brow Stain Tint Combo £599 – SAVING YOU £100

Beginner Gel Polish Russian Manicure with E-file £399

Intermediate BIAB Russian Manicure with E-file £399

Advanced Sculpted Gel Nail Extensions on Forms £399

COMBO PACKAGE – 2 Accredited Qualifications in One Day!

BIAB, Gel Polish and E-file Russian Manicure Combo £699 – SAVING YOU £100

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